November 3rd, 2018 at 10:00 am, Downtown Colorado Springs


How to Participate



To register for the parade, please fill out all sections of the registration form and click Submit no later than October 2, 2019. There is no charge to participate. If your veterans group works with a particular Scouting group, please include the name of the Scout group and their contact information where indicated. If you are not affiliated with a Scout group and would like to work with one, please indicate that on the registration form.


These young men and women add a special meaning to the parade as they are preparing for military duty. To ensure we do not miss a group that wants to participate we are asking their leadership to complete a registration form.


Individual veterans (anyone who isn’t part of an organized veterans group) that wants to be part of the parade may contact us either by e-mail ( or by a phone call to the Parade Office (719-282-3862). We will mail a brochure with a registration form and other details regarding time and place to meet the morning of the parade and a parking pass. There is no obligation for individual veterans to participate; however, those who do have found this to be a meaningful experience. These individual veterans will meet at Acacia Park Hotel to be loaded into historic military vehicles for a ride down the parade route and return to the hotel. 


Because of time and space constraints, opportunities for non-veteran/non-military entries into the parade are limited. If you have a unique, patriotic entry and would like to be included, please submit your information on a registration form with justification in writing. After submitting a registration form, please email the parade office with additional information about your entry.


Commercial Entries are Prohibited.  
It is important for all parade entrants to understand that we cannot allow handouts, candy, or other items to be distributed by groups as they progress down the parade route. This is a violation of our Special Event Insurance Policy.

Due to the apolitical nature of our event, we do not allow politicians, political activities, or political action groups of any type to participate in order to remain unbiased and fair to all who come to participate and enjoy the parade.