November 3rd, 2018 at 10:00 am, Downtown Colorado Springs

Staging and Recovery

Staging, Parade, & Recovery

2019 Staging and Recovery is posted below

2019 Staging and Recovery Click Here

Staging begins at 7:30 AM to 9:15, all participants should be in place by 9:30.

Enter northern street closest to your assigned lineup number. (i.e. #1 - #6 enter St. Vrain) and park/stage according to position on map. If you’re staged on a side street (St. Vrain, Willamette, Monument or Dale) enter and park on that street.

Bused in groups, drop off on either Cascade, or Nevada on street closest to lineup number to allow marchers to walk in. Bus driver then proceeds south to end of the parade route on aforementioned adjacent street (circle around on Cache La Poudre if necessary) and will be directed to park on Tejon, south of W. Vermilo St. Officers will be on hand to allow through barricades. This will facilitate marching group’s quick access to their respective busses upon completion of parade.

Participant Parking: City Parking Garages located at Nevada & Kiowa, Nevada & Colorado, Cascade and Bijou and at any unhooded parking meters.

No passing out of any items or requesting of donations (i.e. throwing candy, handing out items to include water, literature, poppies, or donation buckets etc.) is allowed due to insurance safety requirements.

No political statements, for or against any candidates, or propositions. This event is apolitical, we are not allowed to endorse or support any political actions due to the nature of our non-profit status.

Motorcyclists are required to refrain from excessive high revving of their engines. Failure to abide will result in removal from parade and possible ticketing from CSPD as it exceeds our noise permit.

Upon exit of parade route, quickly dis-embark any passengers riding on float & trailers, secure what is necessary and move off W. Vermijo as soon as possible to facilitate a smooth flow of traffic out of the parade area. Please do not park or loiter in this area.

MVCC vehicles carrying individual Veterans will have a police escort back to their staging area to dis-embark their passengers.

2019 Staging and Recovery is posted below

2019 Staging and Recovery Click Here